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Before you nominate someone, check the CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame inductees first.

NOMINATION ELIGIBILITY – Nominations for 2024 closed april 26, 2024 – nominate a member for 2025 consideration

Note the following minimum requirements for a CSIA member to be considered for entry into the CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame:

  • A minimum of 10 years actively teaching skiing
  • A minimum of 15 years as a member of CSIA
  • The nominee must be at least 40 years old
CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame Nomination Form

CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame Nomination Form

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Nominees must:
• be at least 40 years of age or older
• have been actively teaching skiing for a minimum of 10 years
• have been a CSIA member for at least 15 years

Reach out to us at info [at] csiaontario.com if you have questions.

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hall of fame inductees

Being inducted into the CSIA Ontario Hall of Fame is the highest honour a CSIA member in Ontario can achieve.

1982Rudy HeigelsbergerFred Newton
1983Bob BeardsallTerry BramhamJoan FydellJurg Gfeller
1984Doug ByamGeorge HoffmanErling MorrisPeter Schwirtlich
1985Lorne McFadgenBob MorganGord Croft
1986Bill HearnHans WielandClint MelvilleGeorge and Margaret Aquilina
1987Jack BeldhamMike Jaroch Senior
1998Stan KnowlesShirley Glaysher
1989Lynn Warll MurrayRob ButlerDan GengeJimmy Georgas
1991Burney Clarke
1992Frank Sullivan
1993Bill WilliamsJohn Clifford
1994James Newman
1995Tom PettsDorothy Healey
1996Doug Leeming
1997Bill McCaughey
1999Knute Dohnberg
2000Dan Ralph
2001Thelma Watts
2002Paul Frawley
2003Hans Nischan
2004Alf WarllMary Warll
2005Wayne Alexander
2006Don Swift
2007Catherine Genge
2008Gord Layhew
2009John Nicholls
2010Vince Coome
2011Don Lowes
2012Greg Lee (posthumously)Jim Morris
2013Andrea Ciotti
2014Rick Greaves
2015Ian Smith (posthumously)Brian Donato
2016Midge Cooper (posthumously)Heather Robertson
2017Shelagh Mulveney (honourary)
2018Dr. W. Roy RiddellRick Warll (posthumously)
2019Kim RobertsBill Yeigh
2020Mike Weiss
2021Mitch Gorski
2022Larry CarusoRalph Ferguson