CSIA Ontario 2021-22 Season
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Area of InterestExample Activities
Heritage Member recognition and celebration including maintaining the historical records of CSIA Ontario in an accessible format
Events Overseeing the planning of the educational/social events for the year to foster member engagement and retention
Marketing and CommunicationsEnsuring proactive communication with members about events, Heritage, Governance and all other matters of CSIA Ontario business. Optimizing communications in conjunction with National
GovernanceIn participation with the National Governance committee, to educate and solicit feedback from the Ontario membership to help shape and form the new governance structure of the CSIA.
Equity Diversity and Inclusion How do we make sure the CSIA is for everyone?
Legal and FinanceParticipate in HR, Finance and Governance sub-committees, advise on NFP structuring and strategic planning.

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I am interested in helping with this topicI have expertise in this topic
Marketing, Communications and Engagement
Events and Programs
Governance and Organizational Structure
Finance in Not for Profit Settings
Legal Matter in Not for Profit Business
CSIA History and Heritage
Member Value and Member Retention
Inclusion, EDI, Member Equity
WordPress, IT, Graphic Design
None of the above, but I still want to get involved 🙂

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