Notice of special meeting of the members CSIA Ontario

March 8, 2023

TO:  Members of Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (Ontario) Inc. (“CSIA Ontario”)

Dear Members,

You are invited to attend a Special Meeting of Members of CSIA Ontario for the purpose of voting to remove the director elected by Ontario region members to the board of directors of the national Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance.

This is an important meeting for the future of our alliance. We would strongly encourage you to attend, or to submit a proxy if are unable to do so.


As per the By-Laws of CSIA Ontario Inc., notice is hereby given that this Special Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 23, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. This meeting will take place virtually. Any active Member of CSIA Ontario in good standing (dues paid for the 2022-2023 season) is welcome to attend and vote. Members who cannot attend the Special Meeting can submit an electronic proxy as set out below.


To attend the meeting, you will need to register by March 18, 2023, so that we may validate your participation. Once successfully registered, meeting details will be emailed to you.  Register only if you can attend;  if you are unable to attend the meeting, you can submit a proxy (see “PROXIES” below). 


The purpose of the meeting is to vote on the following ordinary resolutions pursuant to Section 6.08 of the national General By-law of the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Alliance (“CSIA Canada”):

  1. To remove Allison Sharpe as the director elected by CSIA Ontario Members on the board of directors of CSIA Canada; and
  2. Upon the removal of Allison Sharpe, to fill the vacancy created by such removal by electing an alternate individual Member of CSIA Ontario as a director of CSIA Canada for the balance of the remaining term of Allison Sharpe.

Members registering for the meeting will receive information and reasons for the resolution, and will be able to ask questions at the meeting.   Review of information provided in advance of the meeting is recommended.


Members unable to attend the Special Meeting on March 23 2023, can assign a proxy to the Secretary of CSIA Ontario, or to another Member of CSIA Ontario, who is in attendance.  Click on the button below to access and complete the proxy form online.

You can also download and print the proxy at, and submit it by email to  Pursuant to the By-laws of CSIA Ontario, a proxy must be received on or before March 18, 2023 in order to be valid.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Your CSIA Ontario Board of Directors