Proxy Submission

CSIA Ontario 2024 Annual SGM Proxy

I, _________________________, the undersigned residing ____________________________ member number ___________________ in good standing of the Canadian Ski Instructors’ Association (Ontario) Inc. (hereinafter called the “CSIA Ontario”) as of the date hereof, hereby appoint as my proxy for the purpose of voting at CSIA Ontario Annual and Special members’ meeting being held in person at Hockley Valley Resort, 793522 3rd Line EHS, Mono, ON L9W 5X7, June 21st 2024:


The Secretary of the Board of the CSIA Ontario, if present at the special members’ meeting, or any substitute therefor that is acting as Secretary in his place;


Instead of the Secretary of the Board of CSIA Ontario, the following member _________________, who is in good standing as a member of CSIA Ontario as member number _______________,


Incomplete and Incorrect Entries

If assigning a delegate, please make sure the information is correct and complete otherwise the proxy will be discarded.   Only current full or lifetime members in attendance at a Special General Meeting can be designated as a delegate proxy. 

Extraordinary Resolution to Waive Audit, approve Review Engagement

Election of Directors

Please assign your vote 

Special Resolution approving Articles of Amendment and Amendment of the By-laws

* if the signature is not clear and legible the proxy will be discarded